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We've been based in Thanet for over 15 years - which is a lifetime in the local voluntary sector! 


Here at TCDT we're all about Thanet and always will be. We go out to national or European funders and bring money in. That's extra money ino the Thanet economy, extra delivery, extra training and extra jobs. In the formal language of our job the money we bring in is "additional" to what is already here and it also has a "multiplier effect". Simply, this means we use money for our work which would not have come to Thanet unless we'd won a competitive bid for it (additionality) and then we pay our staff, who live locally, who then shop locally, eat locally and drink locally (multiplier effect) as their spending goes to pay someone else's wages etc.


After 15 years we're getting quite good at it!

TCDT helps people in need. If you can’t help yourself, we’ll help you if we can.

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Thanet Community Development Trust

Hereson Family & Community Centre

Lillian Road



CT11 7DT

Tel: 01843 855155

E-mail: admin@tcdt.org.uk

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