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Here at TCDT we have a number of bespoke courses, which we are able to deliver or adapt depending on the needs of the client group and the funder. Generally the courses relate to helping people become more job ready: of course what this consists of depends on the person.


We deliver courses under a number of different names as, just like our students, each one's different. It's that attention to detail, professional approach, and making sure the student is at the centre of everything we do that sets us apart from other "back-to-work" deliverers.


Some courses revolve around life skills such as literacy, numeracy, self-belief etc then others may be a little more advanced. They would start from the idea that those basic skills are already in place and would go on to deliver CV training, interview techniques and tips on self-presentation etc. Of course many people we help already have these "background" skills in abundance but just need a little bit of specific help to get them into a job. 


The following is a list of Projects that we offer:


Ageless Entrepreneurs' (Ageless Thanet)


Craft Club

Job Club (Margate)

Job Club (Ramsgate)

New Beginnings

Thanet Seniors' Friendship Club


You can find out more information on these by clicking on the links. If you are interested in any of these Projects, contact us and we'll put you on our waiting list. As soon as we have the funding in place, we shall let you know straight away.

TCDT helps people in need. If you can’t help yourself, we’ll help you if we can.

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